Welcome to Eradication by Mastication (E by M) 

2012 was the start of something big. IAE launched its first ever "Eradication by Mastication" event - the Invasive Species Cook-off. Guests arrived. Music rocked. Folks tasted fare they had never seen before, and loved it. Top "Cook-off" honors went to pulled nutria, popcorn sparrow and Cajun bullfrog legs. The media buzz was wild. The Oregonian. The Wall Street Journal. Even Joe Roman's "Eat the Invaders" linked up. We saw it coming...

The eating of edible invasives was sweeping the nation.

Invasive species threaten our native species and habitats, costing the US more than $138 billion every year. IAE is ready to take them on. We are bringing people to the table to spark conversation and advance action, one edible invader at a time. This summer, join us for two wild quests that capture the flavor of the Pacific Northwest's most delectable edibles.


"Diggin' It" Coastal Invasive Clam Dig and Workshop, Saturday, July 27
Invasive Species Cook-off 2013, Sunday, August 25


Wild Turkey Appetizer

Wild Turkey Appetizer

Dish with Dandelion Greens

Dish with Dandelion Greens

Wild Turkey Ravioli

Wild Turkey Ravioli

Invasive Species Cook-off 2013

IAE's Annual Fundraiser 
Sunday, August 252 pm - 7 pm
Chintimini Farm (map and directions)

If you don't eat them, they will survive. 


    • Cuisine by Matt Bennett, chef and owner of Sybaris: feral pig, wild turkey, bull frog, dandelions, sorrel, blackberries and more.
    • Edewaard band and classical guitarist Gina Machovina are sure to get the crowd rockin'. 
    • Wine and beer from our valley's finest 
    • Top chefs Jason Biga, Rick Browne and Hamid Serdani face off for the next best dish
    • Live auction to raise support for E by M.

    Join us!


    Adults: $40 regular
    Kids (5-12): $10 regular
    Kids under 5 are free!

    Buy a table for 8: $240 (invite friends and family to join)

    A huge thank you...

    E by M donors whose gifts are valued at $100 or more become a Sponsor Member of the E by

    M $100 Club, and will receive: 

    • Live recognition at events
    • Recognition in news stories
    • Special tribute with name in event programs, posters, cookbook, website, email broadcasts, and e-newsletter

    For all in-kind donations, please contact Tamara at (541) 753-3099 ext. 104, or tamara@appliedeco.org